Women´s elite final was decided in a penalty shoot-out    (16. 8. 2010, florbal.cz)
The Czech champions and four-time Chance Czech Open winners Herbadent SJM faced the Swedish team of Dalen in this year's final. The teams already met in the preliminary group, where they drew 2:2 and another tight game was to be expected.

The tenth team of the Swedish top division was the better team at the beginning and dominated the game. But Herbadent defence was well formed and the Swedes had the only big opportunity in their power play. At 9:49, Sandra Larsson scored the game opener.

Herbadent got into the game after the first break only and finally started creating some chances in front of Dalen's goal. But the Czechs wasted them carelessly. Urbánková hit the post, Šindelová hit the bar and other shots missed the goal or were saved by the Swedish goalie.

Herbadent eventually tied the game after Denisa Billá's shot, which was tipped in by Eliška Krupnová. And that was not Billá's last word. Dalen definitely didn't intend to give up and created several good opportunities, which were, however, saved by the excellent goalie Kateřina Honkýšová. She contributed significantly to the fact that the game went into the penalty shoot-out.

Lenka Suková went into the Czech goal for the shoot-out and she confirmed straight away that her selection was a right choice and saved the penalty shot by Amanda Öhman. Nevertheless, the next two shots ended with a goal, but since the Czech champions scored twice as well, the shoot-out continued with the rule of sudden death. Suková perfectly saved Isabell Larsson's shot and Billá finished the job. Herbadent can celebrate their fifth consecutive triumph at Chance Czech Open.

"We didn't really want the game to get into the penalty shoot-out. It's a pity I didn't manage to score when I had my chance at the very end of the game. I feel sorry especially for my team, but I'm not the only one. We definitely had more dangerous opportunities than our opponent," Sandra Larsson tried to explain the reasons of their loss.

"When the coaches told me to go into the goal for the shoot-out, I was totally aghast. Actually, I just remember the instruction "do your stretching and get dressed" and then only the last penalty shot by Denisa Billá," the goalie Suková revealed after the game.

"Both the mutual games were very tight. In general, the final was our best game in the tournament. It was an amazing battle. In my opinion, we deserved the victory. The more I regret the loss. We definitely have to come back next year and repay Herbadent for that," Larsson, who scored in regulation and added a successful penalty shot, concluded encouragingly.