The junior title goes to the players of Future    (16. 8. 2010,
The morning final of the junior category was dominated by the Prague team Future, who defeated Vítkovice by 4:0. Future went into the lead in the first half, while in the second they added three more goals and led the game towards the triumph without any doubts. They have won the gold medals from the summer Prague tournament for the seventh time in their history already.

"It seemed that Vítkovice got a bit frightened of us. Vítkovice already knew from the season that they're not doing very well against us and they also had many young players in their squad and therefore we were more experienced. Our collective performance decided as well," Martin Michalík, the author of the last goal, said after the game.

Future won all seven games at the tournament and won their seventh triumph at Chance Czech Open.

"We had a perfect tournament. We're very satisfied with it. Our team went through many changes, but we managed to cooperate well and play as a team. Our players' experience from Extraliga helped us as well," said Michalík, who was selected the best player of the Chance Czech Open junior category by the tournament organizers.

"In my opinion I don't really deserve it. There were many great players at the tournament. The prize could definitely go to our whole team," Michalík added.

Apart from him, his teammate Filip Kejík was selected the best goalie, and the best scorer of the tournament was Marek Matejčík from Vítkovice with eight goals.