Cerna Hora defended their womenīs title    (16. 8. 2010,
The first gold from Chance Czech Open 2010 goes to the Finnish selection Cerna Hora. The team managed to repeated their last year's triumph, after beating Džkanka in the final by 2:0.

The game was very nervous and full of inaccuracies from the beginning. Only as the time was passing both teams plucked up their courage to start playing rather offensively. The Finns were gradually gaining control of the game, but their efforts lacked goals.

The spectators as well as players of Cerna Hora waited to see the first goal until the fourteenth minute of the second half, when Amira Bushnaief recorded a goal in her stats. In the middle of the court, she received a pass from her teammate and scored with a shot near the post above the goalie's leg. The goalie of Džkanka managed to react to the shot, but she could only slow down the ball. The second goal by Cerna Hora was scored when the Czech team was exerting their final pressure with a pulled goalie.

"We have really enjoyed the tournament. We came on Monday already to have a chance to see a bit of Prague as well. For us it's a sports event as well as a holiday trip. And the fact that we won the tournament for the second time is the icing on the cake," the scorer of the second goal, Annukka Hškli, said after the game.

"Our team consists of players from different Finnish teams. We build the squad only once a year for the Czech Open tournament. Some games are rather easy, but in the play-off games we face some great teams already," Hškli explained.