Sirius in the final after two years again; they won the penalty shoot-out    (14. 8. 2010,
Thrilling end and decision in a penalty shoot-out. That is what the audience saw tonight at Sparta arena. Sirius beat Falun by 5:4 after a penalty shoot-out in the Swedish men's elite semifinal. They will thus play again in the Chance Czech Open final after two years

"It's always great to win after a penalty shoot-out. We like penalty shots and our players are good at them," said the coach of Sirius, Lars Jedheim, after the game.

Falun opened the score of the game in the first minute already, thanks to Rasmus Enström. But Sirius turned the score around to make it 3:1 before the first break, and Falun subsequently reduced the score to 3:2.

Sirius maintained their narrow lead to the third period, when thereal battle for the score started. First, Falun tied the game at 3:3, then Sirius went into the lead again, and in the end, Falun levelled the game at 4:4 with an incredible combination. Three minutes before the end, Falun pulled their goalie, Rasmus Enström got under pressure at the top of the Sirius' crease, he turned quickly and sent a back-pass to Jakob Lundmark, who sent the game to a penalty shoot-out with his accurate shot.

Falun then showed a bit of excellent floorball skills – Jonas Adriansson lifted the ball in the air during the penalty shot and scored with a successful volley. But in the end, Sirius, Chance Czech Open winner from two years ago, won the shoot-out by 2:1.

"We didn't play an excellent game, but our floorball was quite good. Falun was a difficult opponent, but our defence worked well and our forwards managed to utilize the breakaways perfectl," Lars Jedheim evaluated the game. The coach of Sirius has already triumphed twice in the summer Prague. In 2005 with Dalen and two years ago with Sirius. Tomorrow he can try to win his third. At 15:30, his team will face Pixbo in the Sparta ice-hockey arena.

"Pixbo will be an extremely tough opponent again, so we expect a very tough game. But we won't be changing the tactics. We will start with three complete lines again, on which have been able to distribute the great load of many games quite equally far," the coach Jedheim added.