Pixbo qualifies for the final; Dalen will not defend their last year´s triumph    (14. 8. 2010, florbal.cz)
The first men's elite finalists are the players of the Swedish team Pixbo. In the semifinal they defeated their compatriots from Dalen 5:1 and repaid them for their last year's final loss 4:5, when a goal scored in the last second decided. Tomorrow at 15:30 they will play their final game against the winner of the match between Falun and Sirius.

Pixbo pursued the victory from the very beginning. In the first period already they built a three-goal lead and did not ease up their pace. In the second period, the spectators at Sparta arena didn't see a single goal. But in the forty-sixth minute, Pixbo increased their lead to 4:0.

"Pixbo started the game like a hurricane. They went into the lead quickly and it was hard for us to get back to the game. We had to cope with several injuries, make some changes in the line-up and weren't effective in the offence," the experienced Dalen defender, Mattias Wallgren, evaluated the semifinal battle.

Dalen was returned to the game by Peder Bodén only, who scored with a volley shot from Mattias Wallgren's pass in the thirty-seventh minute. This player with excellent floorball skills was then trying to push Dalen to a draw. He prepared several dangerous opportunities for his teammates, but none of them ended with a goal. When in the last four minutes Dalen pulled their goalie, Pixbo replied with an empty-netter and set the final score at 5:1.

"We should have scored sooner. We managed to improve our game in the second period already and had we scored, the game might have been progressing differently. But when you play the games with running time, it seems to you that the games are over so quickly. Moreover, we had difficulties with getting to the ball and we were running on the court and catching our opponents on and on," explained Mattias Wallgren, for whom this was the fourth Chance Czech Open already. He played here three times in the jersey of Dalen and last year as the player of Wiler from Switzerland.

"This is definitely a great revenge for last year. We were terribly disappointed after the last-second loss at that time, and so we're very happy that we succeeded this time," said the Pixbo's defensive leader, Martin Östholm. "We had the game under control all the time and gave no chance to Dalen. We wanted to concentrate on our own performance only and forget about Dalen totally. We succeeded in that, played the match with our hearts and worked very hard. After all, we're already quite tired after the three tournament days."

Pixbo will play the final tomorrow at 15:30 in the ice-hockey arena of HC Sparta and will meet the winner of the match between Falun and Sirius.

"Our chances would probably be better against Sirius, but to be honest, I don't really care. I believe in our victory, whoever we are going to face," concluded the Pixbo captain, Martin Östholm.