The last semifinalist is Sirius    (14. 8. 2010,
The second quarterfinal at Podvinný mlýn offered a very interesting match to the spectators. The Swedish team Sirius qualifies after a big battle and completed the Swedish quartet in the semifinals.

But the first team to celebrate a goal was the team from Zürich, who went into the lead in the second minute already. But the game was tied before the break already and Sirius took over the control of the game and added some more goals.

The most interesting for the spectators was the third period, in which the Swiss team managed to level the game at 4:4. They scored their first goal in a power play, the second was added by the excellent Bodén, who was fore-checking so doggedly that he eventually scooped up the ball and scored.

The game was quite tight, full of interesting opportunities and nice combinations. The decisive goal by Sirius was scored by Sandkvist, who didn't give the slightest chance to the excellent Grashopper goalie with two minutes left to be played in the regulation. In the end, the Swiss team tried to pull their goalie and play with six players, but all their shots were blocked by the defenders' bodies and floorball sticks.
Sirius přešel do semifinále