Dalen fought hard to beat Koovee in penalty shoot-out    (14. 8. 2010, florbal.cz)

In the game between the Swedish Dalenu and Koovee from Finland everything started according to the expectations. The Swedes absolutely dominated the first period and it seemed that their opponents will not have the slightest chance to score. Only at the very end of the first period, Lasse Salminen scored from the corner of the crease and reduced the gap to 1:2.

After the break, everything continued similarly. The Finns equalized but Dalen responded with two goals and switched to a more relaxing pace. That is also why the Swedes had to deal with their opponents' attacks on the margin of the rules. The third period hence started with two converted power plays by Koovee and the game was virtually restarted.

The shock came at 51:21, when Salminen scored from another dead ball situation and added his fourth goal already. Koovee went into the lead for the first time and his chances were also supported by the great goalie Tuomarla. But not even he could prevent Nilsberth from scoring; his long-distance shot was deflected by one of the players in front of the goal.

The battle for the semifinal thus went into the penalty shoot-out. Dalen managed to score twice in three series, whereas Koovee players didn't beat the Swedish goalie. Therefore, Dalen goes through to the next stage and can still think about the defence of their last year's triumph.

"We dominated the game from the very beginning and that is probably why we lost our concentration a bit. When Koovee managed to get back so incredibly, we were virtually at death's door, because such a team is then mentally encouraged. But in the end, luck was the decisive factor," Mattias Wallgren admitted after the game.

"Koovee was unbelievably effective in the finishing of their opportunities. They made the best of a bad job. That was really difficult for us, we had expected an easier game. But I'm glad we go through because our goal from the very beginning is another tournament gold," the tall Dalen forward trusts his team.
Dalen se radoval až po nájezdech