Pixbo eliminated Chodov and qualified for the semifinals    (14. 8. 2010, florbal.cz)
In the morning, the players of the Swedis team Pixbo became the first semifinalists of the men's elite category. The played at Sparta arena against Chodov and won 5:2. They will, therefore, play their semifinal in the same arena at 15:30, and will meet the winner of the game between Dalen and Koovee.

Pixbo went into the lead by two goals in the first half, but Chodov levelled the game at 2:2 at the very beginning of the second half thanks to their activity and goals by Sýkora and Šišma. But the Prague players didn't celebrate long. Pixbo converted their subsequent power play and went into the lead again.

"We definitely didn't want to enter the game with worries from the Swedish opponent and play too defensively. We rather tried to open the game. We waited carefully for Pixbo's movements, set out for breakaways and created several good opportunities," said the Chodov goalie Jan Barák.

Chodov was trying to reduce the Swedish lead with their good defence and active checking of the opponent's players, but they didn't manage. Three minutes before the end, their efforts were ended by an attractive combination of Östholm and Agus. The Swedish captain sent a long pass in front of the Chodov goal from the left wing, where the unmarked Agus only slightly deflected the ball to the net. In the last minute, Pixbo secured their victory with an empty-netter, which set the final score at 5:2.

"That's the way the Swedes play. They are very strong with the ball and can always find their way through. But we played better than our first mutual game, despite we lost by one goal only in the first match. Now the game lasted the full sixty minutes, and hence the result corresponds more with the play on the court," added the Prague goalie Barák.

Chodov reached the quarterfinals at Chance Czech Open after a rather unsuccessful preliminary group. They lost their first three games at the tournament. But then they eliminated Future and Brno and qualified for the quarterfinals to play against the Swedish team of Pixbo.

"We played really bad floorball in the preliminary group stage and scored only once in three games. But we managed to improve our performance and qualify for the next stage, so we can be satisfied," Barák concluded.
Radost Pixba