We know all women´s elite quarterfinalists    (14. 8. 2010, florbal.cz)
After the second day of the tournament Chance Czech Open it is clear that the Czech teams can get very far. Herbadent as well as Bohemians dominated in their groups and tomorrow they will face the qualifying teams from the round of 16 group.

At 11:20, the arenas at Tatran and Děkanka will host the quarterfinals between Red Ants and Pixbo IBK, and Herbadent against Alunda. The latter pair has already met in the preliminary group, where the Czech champion won 4:3.

The round of 16 ended as expected; Pixbo IBF did not have a chance against the favourites from Dalen and lost 0:5. The fourth qualifier is Liberec. They let Nemšová score their first goals at the tournament, but still they won 3:2.

It is certain that at least one Czech team will play in the semifinals, because from 13:20, Vítkovice will fight against Liberec for this spot. At the same time, but at Tatran arena, Bohemians will face Dalen.

Quarterfinal pairings
Herbadent SJM – Alunda IBF
Pixbo IBK – Red Ants
Dalen – FbŠ Bohemians
Vítkovice – Liberec
Dalen si poradil a je zpět ve hře