Koovee eliminated Vítkovice    (14. 8. 2010, florbal.cz)
The execution of Czech teams at Chance Czech Open continues; the last word was already said by the Czech vice-champion from Vítkovice as well. They went into the lead in the third minute already, thanks to Juhaňák, and were dominating the game at that time, but many of their chances remained unconverted. David Rytych was in the Finnish goal for the first time at the tournament.

The result of the second half was better for Koovee, who improved the accuracy of their passes and went into the lead in the twenty-ninth minute. Vítkovice tried hard to tie the game, but in vain, and hence Sladký concluded the game with an empty-netter.

"We were confident before the game, because this is definitely an opponent we can beat. We played much better games here against better teams already," Petr Kološ said with a disappointment after the game.

"The game was decided by our unconverted chances from the first half. We combined too much, which was pointless. In the second half we tried some new things, but we didn't do very well. But I definitely evaluate the tournament positively," concluded the Vítkovice captain Kološ.
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