Sirius turned the score around within one minute    (14. 8. 2010,
Shooting like from the Wild West and the score turned from 2:5 to 6:5. That is what the spectators saw at Sparta arena during the game between the Finnish Koovee and the Swedish Sirius. In the Scandinavian derby, it was the players of Sirius who celebrated victory after turning the score around unbelievably in the very end of the match.

It was the Finnish team who was doing better all the time. With several accurate shots they built their lead up to 5:2. But in the thirty-fifth minute, the Finnish team lost their concentration after conceding a goal that was allowed by the referees with a little delay and after mutual communication.

Sirius caught their chance, scored three goals in the thirty-eighth minute and got into the 6:5 lead, which Koovee didn't manage to do anything with.

"Were it not for that one minute, it could have looked completely different at the end. It's a real pity. But anyway, it just happens that sometimes there is a minute in the game when nothing works. But it rather seems to me that we're not playing at our maximum. Before the tournament, we had three trainings where we practised the play at much higher pace. Now we have to move up a gear; otherwise, we're in danger of elimination. We might really regret this lost game," the Czech national team player, Tomáš Sladký, who scored one goal, commented on the result.

At six in the evening, the Finnish team will play their last match in the round of 16 group against Vítkovice, which Koovee must win to stay in the tournament. A draw would be enough for Vítkovice to reach the quarterfinals. For the Czech forward Tomáš Sladký it will be a battle against his original club.

"I'm really looking forward to it; the boys will definitely play their best against me. But it will be a bit weird as well. My plan was to return to Vítkovice, but in the end I went to Finland, because the Czech university didn't open my chosen study subject," Tomáš Sladký added.