Pixbo and Grashopper overcame Czech teams    (13. 8. 2010, florbal.cz)
The Swedish foxes had quite an easy job against Liberec and were leading by 2:0 after the first half. Liberec had some opportunities, but they worked so hard on their creation that they kept forgetting about their defence. That was true mainly about the second goal. It seemed that virtually all fans in the Sparta arena knew what Peter Runnestig was going to do with the ball behind the goal. In the second half, Pixbo added three more goals and let their opponents score as well. The final score was 5:2.

The beginning of Tatran's game against Zürich seemed to be a nightmare for the Prague team. Already at 2:15 they had to replace their goalie after three conceded goals. And it seemed that the team could benefit from the change, because Milan Fridrich converted a power play. Another opportunity came in another power play, but Tatran conceded again after a mistake by Richter.

Another goal came in the tenth minute of the second half and the game was decided. Garčar's penalty shot and the final correction of the score with the pulled goalie couldn't change anything about GC's victory.

"We play very offensive floorball, and that's what I like. The coach said he wanted to win, but the important thing is to enjoy Prague. We took a leave from work for this tournament," Radim Cepek commented on this game with a smile on his face.

"I definitely don't regret my transfer. Quite the opposite, I am enjoying it more and more. I have a lot of freedom, although I have to lead the team a bit as well," Cepek concluded.
GC přehrálo Tatran