Future turned the score around against Wiler    (13. 8. 2010, florbal.cz)
The second tournament day of Chance Czech Open was opened by the game of the youngsters from Future with the Swiss champions, Wiler-Ersigen. The Czech team was not frightened by the famous names and fought beyond the bounds of their own capabilities.

Future went into a two-goal lead and hit the post as well, but it was nobody else but the Hoffbauer brothers, who started great Swiss offence. In the twelfth minute it was Wiler, who was leading by 4:3. But the thirteenth second of the fourteenth minute was fatal for the Swiss team. Kevin Steffen deflected a ball flying at the Swiss goal into his own net. Then Future turned the score completely around and Natov's empty netter set the final score to 7:4.

"We've had a slower start at the tournament. Maybe it was due to pointless worries from other teams. But we decided to play more as a team, we help each other on the court as well as on the bench, and it's better straight away," Daniel Rob revealed his feelings from the tournament.

"Above all, we want to try our defence and find our rhythm of the play. Here we have an opportunity to play against the best teams of the world. And i myself have to work hard mainly on the offensive part of my game," added the Future defender, who scored a power play goal in the game.
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