Wiler did not manage to clear the gap of Sirius    (12. 8. 2010, florbal.cz)
The programme at Sparta was concluded by the game of two big tournament favourites, the Swedish IBK Sirius and the Swiss Wiler-Ersigen. Of course the game was a fight for the victory in the men's elite group A.

Both teams played rather slower floorball than in the first games; they rather tried to focus on accuracy and combinations. Apart from the occasional ringing of Swiss bells, the spectators' attention during the quite uneventful course of the game was attracted by the sixteenth minute of the first half only, when Sirius scored twice.

In the second half, the spectators waited for another goal until the seventeenth minute only, when the defender Jonas Schneeberger scored. And to make things more interesting, the same player scored the second Wiler's goal only ninety seconds later. Suddenly, there was again a lot to play for and the Swedish goalie was really busy. The entire game was concluded by Johan Eriksson's empty netter.