Another Czech encounter brought points to Vítkovice    (12. 8. 2010,
There are other two Czech teams whose today's Chance Czech Open programme is over. In the Czech encounter Vítkovice celebrated their victory against Future by one goal.

The team from Prague went into the lead in the second minute already, but ten minutes later the situation was completely different. Lukáš Hrubý recorded one assist and then scored himself. "It seemed to me that Future fell behind physically. As if they didn't have enough energy after fifteen minutes. They have good players, but they just need some experience," Lukáš Hrubý commented on the game.

In the second half, both teams added one goal, but the game still looked better for the Czech vice-champions. "We haven't come here with a goal to reach certain stage of the tournament, but rather to find cooperation in our lines and play our floorball. We are taking Czech Open mainly as preparation for the league and the cup," explained the Vítkovice forward.

At the end he also evaluated his own performance: "I'm definitely not satisfied with the first game; the Wiler players are incredibly strong. Now it was much better, but of course, the opponent was different."