Dalen lost victory against Grünenmatt 31 seconds before the end    (12. 8. 2010, florbal.cz)
All men's elite group C teams have already played their second games. The match between Dalen and Grünenmatt showed nice floorball. The Swedish giant was a bit better in the game, but the opponents resisted bravely.

The first ten minutes of the game were full of hard shorts from mid-distance, but they brought only hit of the post. But Dalen converted their next chance and in the sixteenth minute they went into the lead. The equalizer of the doggedly defending Grünenmatt came thanks to Šebek, who found an ideal spot in front of the goal and scored.

The goal that sent Dalen into the lead again was from the category of unbelievable goals. Peder Bodén ran around the opponent and without much effort scored a goal with a backhand shot right from the high pass through the air. But Grünenmatt with three Czech players and the Czech national team coach definitely didn't want to give up.

They left their moment of glory for the last thirty seconds of the match. Trnavskı's team pulled their goalie and the six players managed to tie the game after a few seconds only. Radek Sikora showed a wonderful shot to the cheering Swiss fans.