Bulldogs win their first points    (12. 8. 2010, florbal.cz)
Second preliminary group games were started by the match between Sparta Prague and Bulldogs Brno. Both the teams lost their previous games with the same score 3:5.

The first period was controlled by Brno, both from the view of the performance and of the result. Brno scored three times and left a power play unconverted. Sparta was rather struggling, only few passes found their targets and the shots were poor. The second period didn't change the result at all, and hence Brno can keep on hoping for the quarterfinals.

"The morning result was a disappointment, but we are gradually improving and I definitely believe we will qualify to the next stage," said the Brno forward Martin Koutný.

"We train on parquets only, so this is very different for us. Our performance in the second half of the second game was quite good, but we're struggling with the finishing. I myself feel that my finishing cannot get any worse," added the scorer of the third Bulldogs' game.

The game against Sparta was quite one-sided. Brno didn't give their opponents many chances. "The main difference was in the movement on the court and in the play with the ball. We were simply better in the match," Koutný concluded.