Swiss teams started at Sparta without losing a point    (12. 8. 2010,
Both Swiss teams won three points in the morning games at Sparta arena. First, Grünenmatt defeated Bulldogs Brno 5:3 and then the Swiss champion Wiler-Ersigen recorded a narrow win 1:0 over Vítkovice.

A year ago, the encounter between Grünenmatt and Bulldogs Brno ended with a victory of the Swiss team in the play-offs round of 32. This year, the teams met each other at the beginning of the preliminary group stage already, and again the Swiss players were more successful. The team led by the Czech coach TomᚠTrnavský was gradually building a comfortable lead and in the thirty-fifth minute they were leading by 4:1 already.

But Brno didn't give up. Two and a half minutes before the end they reduced the gap to two goals only and in the last minute they had a chance to play a power play. But another reduction of the score by Bulldogs came too late and they had only nine seconds to equalize. Moreover, in the remaining time, Grünenmatt secured their initial success at the tournament with a 5:3 empty netter.

"First, the game was rather careful. Both teams wasted many opportunities. Fortunately, our finishing was gradually improving, we played with three lines all the time and controlled the game. Only at the end we let Brno turn the game into a drama," explained the Czech forward playing for Grünenmatt, Daniel Šebek, who opened the score of the game with an accurate shot in the seventh minute.

"That is how we had imagined our beginning of the tournament. Of course it would have been better, had we scored more goals, but it's the win that is most important for us," Šebek added.

In the next morning game, the Swiss champion Wiler-Ersigen faced the Czech vice-champion from Vítkovice. The spectators at Sparta could already see Wiler play with Henrik Quist in their squad, and the legendary Swedish defender played in defence of the first Wiler's line led by the Hofbauer brothers.

And it was this line that ensured the only goal of the entire game. Vítkovice didn't manage to score from several promising opportunities in the second half, and therefore the only goal by Christoph Hofbauer set the final score to 1:0.