Victory for Grasshopper, draw for Falun    (12. 8. 2010,
The programme at Podvinný mlýn continued with a men's elite group D game between Mladá Boleslav and the Swiss team GC, which featured Aleš Jakůbek and Radim Cepek playing in the same line. The latter was even wearing the captain's armband.

Boleslav went into the lead in the third minute already after a goal by Jaromír Ekl. The Swiss players were close to an equalizer because Boleslav was showing their favourite offensive style of play, despite they were in the lead. It was Cepek's attacking line that was close to a goal in the sixteenth minute and the result of the chance was a penalty shot.

It was performed by Aleš Jakůbek, who was slowly approaching the goalie Koráb and in the end his backhand shot hit the goalie's stretched arms. At least the Zürich team played their subsequent power play well and after a goal by Scalvinoni Slaný could return into the game. The second half brought more goals. The Swiss team found their game rhythm and in the end won by 4:2.

The morning programme was concluded by the game between the Czech champion and the Swedish Falun. The game looked like an easy one for Tatran, who went into a 3:0 lead after two goals by Richter, but in the end they showed that it's possible to lose even a three-goal lead. The final score was 3:3.