Men´s elite started with the victory of Pixbo    (12. 8. 2010,
Chance Czech Open has started and the first men's elite game ended in a 2:1 victory of Pixbo against Chodov. But the Swedish win was not an easy one. The team from Prague was bravely resisting, paid attention in their defence and tried to pose danger from breakaways.

Thanks to their active play, Chodov opened the score of the game, when Jakub Noha went into a breakaway after a challenge and scored with a second shot.

Chodov was holding their narrow lead for a long time. Several times they were also saved by quick saves of Jan Barák in their goal. Pixbo ensured their victory only as the end of the game was approaching. In the thirty-fifth minute, Daniel Calebsson tied the game with a backhand shot just below the upper post, and two minutes later, Alessandro Agus utilized a mistake of the Chodov defence, succeeded in a one-on-one challenge against Barák and sent Pixbo into a 2:1 lead.

"I'm definitely satisfied with the game. Despite the score 2:1 does not look very good, it was very important for us to win the first game. Moreover, Chodov played very well and in the shorter tournament games it's always more difficult to overcome the opponents," said the Pixbo forward, Daniel Calebsson, the new acquisition of the Swedish team for the new season.

"I already managed to play one tournament in Pixbo, but still it rather seems to me like a first game in the new team. But I have a good feeling about our play with the boys, I think our team is great,“ added Calebsson, who returned to Sweden after three seasons spent in the Swiss club Floorball Köniz.

"It's not a big step back for me. I played nine year in Sweden and the quality of the Swiss league has improved significantly, although it's still not like the Swedish standard. But the Czech teams really attracted my attention. It seems to me that you have more talents in the Czech Republic than they do in Switzerland. They will have to work very hard to defend their position," continued Calebsson, on whom the Chodov team left good impression as well.

"Pixbo was definitely not outplaying us; we rather paid for our individual mistakes and that lost the game," Martin Flousek from Chodov evaluated the opening tournament game.