Finnish Koovee fought hard for their first victory    (12. 8. 2010,
The programme of the first day of Chance Czech Open tournament in the men's elite category in the arena at Podvinný mlýn was opened by group AB game, in which Liberec faced the only Finnish representative in this category, Koovee from Tampere.

The game was interesting for the Czech spectators from more reasons. Apart from having the opportunity to compare the performances of the Czech play-offs participant with the fifth team of Salibandyliiga, they could also see several returns to Czech floorball arenas. At 11:20 they could not only watch Petr Salát, who indicated his return to Liberec well in advance, but also the national team player Tomáš Sladký and the goalie David Rytych. The latter will be guarding the goal of Josby in the forthcoming season, but at Chance Czech Open he utilized an opportunity for a short loan. However, he didn't play in the first game.

Liberec started the game actively and could get into the lead in the first two minutes already, when they had three good opportunities. But the Finns found their rhythm gradually and the game became rather balanced. The Liberec goalie and defenders were having hard times. The audience waited for the first goal until the sixteenth minute, when Lauri Hannelius scored after a nice combination. As the end of the first half was approaching, Koovee was dominating more and more.

In the second half, both teams were rather struggling with their game and the spectators had to wait long for some nice combinations; moreover, the game became unnecessarilly more aggressive. In the last minute, Liberec tried to pull their goalie, but instead of equalizing they conceded yet another goal.