Welcome among the women´s elite: RIG Umeå IBF    (9. 8. 2010, florbal.cz)
Another women's elite team coming from Sweden is RIG Umeå IBF, who is going to play in group B. The club was established only in 2006 and only two teams wear their blue-white jerseys in official competitions.

The women's team plays in Division I, which corresponds to the Czech first league, and they managed to win it twice already (2007/2008, 2008/2009). This year they ended on the third position. With regard to quite unconventional background, the team cannot play in the highest league.

As many of you probably know from last year, it is a club that exists along a very prestigious floorball grammar school, and therefore te biggest successes include victories in the girls' and boys' categories of the Swedish cup. Also the team for Chance Czech Open consists of players below eighteen years of age.

It is difficult to name any individualities in the team, while according to the "curriculum" the students may play only one season in the school team, and then they need to look for a new club. Therefore, an incredible number of players go through the team in a very short time. And this year that is the case as well. The team's most productive player of the season, Julia Persson, does not undergo the summer training period with the team and is not going to come to Chance Czech Open either.