Welcome among the women´s elite: FbŠ Bohemians    (3. 8. 2010, florbal.cz)
In the women's elite group B of Chance Czech Open, the best positioned Czech team in the past season is Bohemians Prague. This already traditional club established in 1996 is among the biggest in the Czech Republic. It has almost fourteen hundred male and female floorball players in twenty seven teams across all competitions.

This year, the women's green-white team relied mostly on the national team player Eliška Křížová, the most productive Extraliga player, who recorded 46 points. After her transfer to Switzerland, the team will have to look for new striking force. The players expected to become the team's key figures include the defender Olga Šimáčková and the forward Kamila Bočanová. The latter used to be the biggest talent of the Czech women's floorball and the key player in the national team, but she lost her top form due to injuries and is attempting a gradual comeback. Nowadays, she already cooperates with her younger sister Adéla in the Bohemians' offence, and they are doing very well together.

Traditionally, the goalies are another big asset of the team. The coaches coped well with the leaving of Christiánová and now they have one of the best goalie couples in Extraliga. The duo Horňáková – Kreisingerová causes troubles to the opponents' forwards.

In 2008, Bohemians made it all the way to the final, but last year the team reached only the first round of the play-offs. We will see, how successful they will be at this year's tournament.
FbŠ Bohemians