Welcome among the men´s elite: UHC Grünenmatt    (30. 7. 2010, florbal.cz)
This year's Chance Czech Open will offer the Swiss elite floorball to the spectators in three different versions. They will have an opportunity to see the champions from Wiler, the regular season runner up Grasshopper Zürich, and the Swiss trio is completed by UHC Grünenmatt.

Grünenmatt, a club with fifteen-year tradition, has already participated in the summer Prague tournament two times and in both cases they made it to the quarterfinal. A year ago they were eliminated due to a tight loss by 3:4 against Tatran Støešovice.

In the past year, the team led by the Czech coach TomᚠTrnavskı ended on the fifth position in the regular season. But already in the play-off quarterfinals they met the later champions from Wiler and lost by 1 game to 4.

After the season, Trnavskı's team was left by the most productive player Samuel Schneiter. His role should therefore be passed to other prolific scorers, Jens Frejd and Radek Sikora. Grünenmatt's key players include also Manuel Sollberger, a tireless forward, who is very hard-working and significantly helps with the team's defence. Trnavskı's team has another key player in the goal – the experienced goalie Pascal Nieth with excellent reflex, who is relied on by the Swiss national team as well.

The Czech spectators at Chance Czech Open will have an interesting opportunity to watch the Czech players TomᚠChrápek, Daniel Šebek and the above-mentioned Sikora.

In the preliminary group, Grünenmatt will meet the last year's winner from the Swedish team of Dalen and the Czech Extraliga teams, Bulldogs Brno and Sparta Prague.
Radek Sikora