Welcome among the men's elite: IK Sirius IBK    (20. 7. 2010, florbal.cz)
When two years ago the Swedish Sirius came to Chance Czech Open, only few people would bet on their successful course through the tournament. However, the hard-working selection led by Lars Jedheim prepared a surprise, eliminated the more famous countrymen from Dalen, and in the end they gained control of the final as well after beating the home team of Tatran by 1:0.

The summer triumph in Prague boded an excellent season for the club from Uppsala. Sirius won the northern group of the Swedish 1st division and made their way through the qualification stage to the elite Superligan. They cruised through their first season in the elite division without any relegation worries, but on the tenth position they were still ten points from the play-offs. Nevertheless, during the year Sirius managed to gained several precious scalps, including triumphs over the big teams from Stockholm, AIK and Caperiotäby.

The players of Sirius would probably again like to start their second season among the Swedish elite with a successful performance at Chance Czech Open. In Prague, they will definitely rely on stable performances by the captain Eric Svensson, the smart forward and creative player, as well as the first-class assistant Dan Johansson. The audience will surely admire Billy Nilsson as well, the player with magnificent technical skills, who can amuse the spectators with all kinds of tricks and feints.

Already in the preliminary group stage of Chance Czech Open, Sirius will face the Swiss champions from Wiler-Ersigen, and the Czech teams Vítkovice and Future.