Welcome among the women's elite: Herbadent SJM Praha 11    (16. 7. 2010, florbal.cz)
After two Swedish teams, our introduction of participating teams in the women's elite category of this year's Chance Czech Open is headed to the Czech Republic. And it seems appropriate to start with the home champion and the ruler of the past seasons, the Prague team Herbadent SJM Praha 11. In the summer Prague full of floorball they will be defending gold medals and their position among top European teams.

Talking about the team's ambitions wouldn't make sense; they have the highest ambitions, as usual. More interesting will be to see, how successful will the blue-yellow team be after they were left by key forwards and now also by the great goalie Hana Váňová. On the other hand, the coaches have an opportunity to test the new acquisitions under the biggest load. Acquisition of the bronze medallist from the U19 Women's World Championship in Olomouc, Martina Čapková, is already certain, but there have been rumours about other interesting names as well.

Herbadent, under various names, won Chance Czech Open three times in a row already, and should they win the gold medals this year too, they would create an unheard-of series and surpass the legendary Pixbo, who won the men's elite category in the years 2001-2003. Everything also depends on how the coaches Šteglová and Šatalíková divide their players into the women's elite and non-elite category; Herbadent definitely has enough of great floorball players in their squad.

Currently, the team is in the pre-season preparation led by the physical condition coach, Daniela Hejret, in the woods of Šumava. We will see how the players cope with the transition to the hot arenas.