Welcome among the women's elite: Alunda IBF    (14. 7. 2010, florbal.cz)
Also the second women's elite team we are going to introduce to you in our series comes from Sweden. Alunda IBF is based in a town of the same name only few kilometres from Uppsala. The traditional team colours are blue and white in combination with black and it's one of the rather small teams; Alunda includes 230 male and female players registered in fifteen teams.

Within this year's Chance Czech Open, the participation of this team is immensely attractive. The non-Swedish teams will have a unique chance to compare their own qualities with a team that won in the Swedish Division 2 without a single loss and easily promoted to the top division. The new team in the Elitserien, Alunda IBF, relied mainly on Cecilia Wretling in the past season, in which she gathered 25 points.

Alunda IBF comes to Chance Czech Open for the first time and wants to show their best performance at full strength. For the young team this is the first chance of confrontation with teams they are going to meet in the new season of the Swedish top division, as well as with other representatives of the European top clubs. It seems there is no better "training" for the first participation in Elitserien.

Apart from the already mentioned Cecilia Wretling, who has experience from the Swedish top division, the very core of the team also includes Cim Sjlander, who has a hard shot and always fights hard, and the most reliable player with great team spirit, Ida Uddhammar. And they should really try their best because according to the team's official website all the management's and sponsors' attention is now focused on the women's team.