Welcome among the men's elite: IBK Dalen    (14. 7. 2010, florbal.cz)
There is one month left before the start of the biggest floorball event of the summer and the registered teams are in full pre-season practice to be able to perform at full strength and great condition at Chance Czech Open. The traditional number of sixteen teams will play in the men's elite category, to which most of the attention is always paid. Eight teams are from the Czech top league, four teams will represent the prestigious Swedish Superligan, three teams will come to Prague from Switzerland, and one from Finland.

We will start the introduction of this year's participants in the men's elite category with the last year's champion from Sweden, the club IBK Dalen. Do you still remember last year's final drama? Peder Bodén decided about Dalen's victory over Pixbo by 5:4 in the very last second of the game, when he tipped in the ball behind the back of the surprised Pixbo goalie after a mistake by Henrik Quist behind the goal.

Dalen will come to Prague from the north for the fifth time. So far, they have triumphed twice at the tournament, once they finished second and once they ended in the semifinals. In the last Superligan year Dalen ended on the sixth position in the regular season and in the quarterfinals they lost to the later champions from Storvreta in three games.

The club from Umeå will show to the spectators at Chance Czech Open a refined Swedish style presented by elite players. Biggest attention is definitely deserved by Peder Bodén, the legendary forward, team's most productive player, assistant coach and long-time national team player. Strength of Dalen's defence is ensured by the talented, well-built defender, Robin Nilsberth, who was awarded the best player prize of the entire Chance Czech Open last year.