Welcome among the women's elite: IBK Dalen    (14. 7. 2010, florbal.cz)
Right after the end of the youth tournament Chance Prague Games, the organizers have to turn their attention to another event. The Czech Open tournament is approaching in big strides and before it actually begins, we will introduce to you the teams that will participate in the elite categories this year.

Especially the women's category, in comparison with previous years, is full of top teams' names. The non-participation of Finnish teams is fully compensated for by six Swedish teams, the Swiss team Red Ants, Nemšová from Slovakia, and top four teams of the Czech extraleague.

Thanks to the Chance Czech Open, every Czech floorball enthusiast knows the club IBK Dalen, but only this year will the Swedish top team from Umeå, which includes 18 teams playing competitive floorball, bring also the women's team to the Prague tournament. The women's team has been playing the Swedish top division for six years already and this season they ended up on the tenth position. But don't be mistaken; the team that plays in black or white jerseys has made it twice to the quarterfinals already. This was in the seasons 2006/2007 and 2007/2008.

In the past season the team relied mostly on the forward Sandra Larsson, who scored a considerable number of 22 goals and recorded eight assists. On the other hand, Linn Lundström is a legend of her club; the captain wearing number 3 on her jersey has been playing in Umeå for eight years already. Also the goalie Malin Marklund is indispensable for the club. The coach says about her that when she has a good day, she doesn't let a single ball end in her net.