The year 2010 will become a turning-point in media promotion for our tournament. After a year break we have succeeded to re-establish a key cooperation with the Czech TV - sport Channel ČT4. We have found a new perspective model of co-operation with the new ČT4 editor - Mr. Jiří Ponikelský and we hope to follow it in coming years.

The planned TV coverage is set for our spectators to be able to follow the full progress in the male elite category in the first days and then provide full, live coverage of the final matches. The result is a 60 min daily high-light summaries of the first two days (Thursday and Friday) and 3 live broadcasts starting from Saturday (Male Elite semifinal) to continue on Sunday (Male and Female Elite final games) completed with 30 min summaries from quarterfinal games and second Male Elite semifinal game.

Mr. Jiří Ponikelský commented our cooperation: “Czech Open is one of the most prestigious floorball tournaments in the World and it definitely belongs to the TV Channel ČT4. We are glad to continue with our co-operation from last years.”

Moreover we would like to announce a revolutionary news in the global TV coverage as well! Thanks to a very efficient activity of Czech TV Channel ČT4 and their generous approach as regards the broadcasting rights the Chance Czech Open 2010 will be for the first time in its history broadcasted by Eurosport 2. The elite semifinal and final games will become a real global events and we are ourselves very curious to see the final TV ratings.

Mr. Charles-Antoine Moulin, the Head of Eurosport 2, has commented the co-operation with floorball Chance Czech Open 2010 as follows: “Eurosport 2 is the channel of innovation, offering viewers a wide range of original sports, including Floorball. Eurosport 2 is happy to contribute to the development of Floorball by broadcasting this sport in 46 countries in Europe, 15 languages and 43 million homes”.

We hope to present not only the high sport level of our tournament which should be guaranteed by the exclusive participation of top European floorball clubs, but we want to create a perfect spectators atmosphere and present floorball in crowded arenas.